Kang Ka Tang When de iron roars

It is a unique sound that evokes the heart and soul of the mas. It is a rhythm that causes one to move, shake, dance, tap your feet, sing, chant, wine and misbehave. With the sound of this iron, we bring you a vibe and experience like no other. The folklore characters represent through our sections, all speak to a memory of 'ole mas'. The venom family wishes to provide an experience of the old mas being infused with the new, thereby creating an evolution of Kang Ka Tang. The iron will roarrr!!!!

Our Costumes

Venom Carnival

Venom Carnival Inc. is a non-profit organization. We are committed to imparting, highlighting and celebrating the Caribbean/ West Indian culture. Our goal is to demonstrate the various customs and traditions associated with the Caribbean/ West Indian culture. This will be done via social events, media, and other means that may require our services.

Venom Carnival transpired when two great mas veterans shared a similar dream. These dreams were to bring an authentic carnival experience to Toronto. From this evolved a team of five that shared the same vision and passion for the ‘mas culture’. Thus Venom was born.

The Venom team is committed to bringing great designs, quality costumes and an unsurpassed premium carnival experience.

Contacts Us

55 Nugget Ave. Unit 11, Scarborough
(Facing Nugget)
Weeknights 6-10pm | Weekends 2-10pm

Email: info@venomcarnival.com