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Female Backline - $250

Includes: Bikini bra, Bikini Bottom, Decorated belt, Arm bands, Tiara, Choker, Garter
Thong: Free upgrade
Feathered Headpiece: $100
Feathered Foot Pieces (backline): $40
Ultra Backpack: $600
Decorated Panty (backline): $20
Decorated Highwaist Panty with mesh panels (to replace belt): $45
Decorated Monokini with mesh panels and lace up back (to replace belt): $125
Wire Bra: $100
Spider Panty: $25
Hot Shorts: $15
High Waist Panty: $20
High Waist Spider Panty: $30
Tankini: $55
Wholepiece: $60

Female Frontline - $475

Includes: Wire Bra with attached choker, Decorated Panty with attached garters, Feathered Foot Pieces, Feathered Tiara, Feathered Cuff.

Female Ultra Frontline - $1200

Includes: Custom Sheer Decorated Bodysuit, Feathered Backpack, Jewelled Headband, Cuffs, Garters

Male Backline - $200

Includes: Venom Shorts, Chestpiece, Belt, Arm bands, Headband
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